Raising iconic brands.
Brands are a lot like kids; give them a good foundation, surround them with love and support, and send them out into the world with confidence, and they’ll thrive.
Our focus is brand nurture and development—helping brands grow into themselves and reach their full potential. When every touch point is right, the brand becomes iconic. 
Our Services
We nurture and develop new and existing brands through specialized services including:

Brand Language
Includes supportive visual language elements like color, typography, patterns, icon systems, photographic and illustrative styles, etc. and verbal language like copywriting and brand voice.
Digital Brand Applications
Includes services like Web Design and Development, App Development, Social Templates, Video and Motion Development, and more.
Print Brand Applications
Includes services like Packaging, Business Collaterals, Stationery, Sales Kits, Flyers and Templates, Posters, Book Design, and more.
Branded Environments
Includes services like applying the brand to a building or space, whether interior or exterior (or both), sign systems, point of sale or other displays, trade show environments, vehicles or fleets, and more.
Brand Use Guidelines
Provides detailed standards for proper use of brand elements to protect the brand and ensure it retains its brightness over time.

Every business is unique. 

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It takes a village to raise a brand.
When it comes to raising brands, JAYNE does an excellent job, but we don’t do it alone. JAYNE provides brand design services through our own network of independent brand specialists.
Yes, we have a thing for specialization. We're not experts in every area, and we don’t pretend to be. We are experts in bringing great talent together, though. And we’re pretty great at process too.
Working with JAYNE our clients not only get a specialized team, they also get the project coordination and planning, so they have one point of contact, one proposal,  one bill. The whole enchilada.

P.S. Interested in joining our specialist network? Get in touch. We'd love to talk with you.​​​​​​​
Our founding specialist is Spaulding Brand, the Brand Foundation & Identity Studio. They clarify brand strategy and design memorable, enduring names and logos.
JAYNE and Spaulding Brand work hand-in-hand to create a seamless transition from brand foundation and identity to brand nurture and development.
Learn more about Spaulding Brand here.